Community Looks to Help Family in Need

Pictured is Beth Miller, one of the staff at the Buck Snort Restaurant and a related to the  family who recently lost their house in a fire that occurred on Monday. Staff at the restaurant are taking donations for the family. (photo courtesy of Bolton Carley)

OAKLAND – In times of trouble, it is not unusual for members of a community to rally around someone in need, and those at the Buck Snort Restaurant are putting those words into action these days helping out a family following a house fire in Oakland.

Buck Snort Restaurant representative Shannon McKay said on Thursday they decided to accept donations, not only to help a family in need, but because three members of the extended family work at the restaurant.

The family involved includes two brothers, one with a wife and two children, both under age 5, and a sister, Beth, who works at the restaurant, said the family is just taking it one day at a time, and living with other relatives.

“We’re figuring it out,” she said. “Taking it day by day. Trying to figure out where to go from here. Find them a new house to live in.”

The fire occurred on Monday, and Beth explained, that day was already a source of pain for the family.

“To top it off being a house fire, it was also the 20 anniversary of our dad’s death, so it was a bad day to begin with,” she said. “So they’re devastated.”

She said one brother broke down and cried, and another was “so at a loss he doesn’t know what to do.”

She can’t even think of one specific thing that would be good for people to donate if they want to help the family. They just need everything.

“The house was a complete loss,” she said. “They lost everything that was in there. They don’t have anything now.”

So now, community members are doing their best to help the family, and McKay said they are taking any kind of donations, whether it is clothes, blankets, household items and personal care items. She said gift cards and monetary donations can also be donated, and right now, checks are being made to another family member-Dee Mundorff-who will then get the money to them.

She said donations can be dropped off at the restaurant anytime between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., and she is even willing to take cash donations and go and purchase items the donor would like to give the family. The restaurant is located at 310 Dr. Van Zee Road in Oakland, and McKay it’s on the main highway through town, next to the park.

Since it is close to Christmas, she said, one employee in Oakland-OSI-has agreed to “adopt” the family, and provide anything Christmas related to them this year.