Harvest Market Could Move To Former Salvation Army Building

(NT File Photo)

Pictured is one of the vendors from a previous Harvest Market held at the Cass County Community Center. There is discussion about moving it to a different location.

CASS COUNTY – The Harvest Market Event could be moved to a new location.

Brigham Hoegh, Produce in the Park Market Manager, told the Atlantic Community Promotion Commission (CPC) the news last Thursday when asking a funding request to help advertise the event. The CPC approved the funding request, which was for $2,000,

Hoegh explained the event is similar to Produce in the Park, in which vendors offer items for sale, including produce. However, instead of being held in the Atlantic City Park, it has traditionally been held in the Cass County Community Center on the Monday before Thanksgiving from 3 to 7 p.m. It also includes vendors offering craft items for sale as well. Vendors at recent meeting said they liked the traditional hours and day for the event. Hoegh said there was some discussion about possibly moving it to a different location.

“I’m going to go look at (the old salvation army building) as a possible alternative (for the event) because of the (cost to use the community center),” Hoegh said.

No matter where the event will be held, Hoegh said, she said it is an event that people can attend to get items for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

“The other good thing I think about this market you can do a lot of craft stuff for Christmas or the vendors do a lot of pre sale for Christmas stuff,” she said.

She said she asked vendors what they thought about having a similar Christmas type event, but she said a lot of the comments were that “we kind of have a unique thing with this Thanksgiving one right before the holiday.”

She also said staff at Aunt B’s “did a wind tasting from Danish Countyside Vine and Wine,” during one night at Produce in the Park, And immediately wanted to talk about coming for harvest market.” And staff at A-Town Smoke Shack would like to provide food at the Harvest Market event, so it was possible some new things could be coming to the event in 2019.