ATLANTIC – The Atlantic School Board approved holding public hearing on March 11 for the Atlantic 2020-21 School Calendar at 6 p.m.

According to school officials, differences between the 2019·2020 Calendar and the 2020·2021 Calendar include not being able to start classes until Monday, Aug. 24, moving fall parent teacher conferences back one week to avoid extracurricular activities conflicts as has happened in prior years, having a full day of school on Dec. 22 prior to Winter Break, having a shorter Winter Break as Christmas falls on a Friday, and scheduling the last day of school before Memorial Day since it falls on May 31 this year.

There was discussion about shortening Spring Break to a Friday and Monday instead of a full week, and having no school on the Monday after Easter to help families have more time to travel home after the Easter holiday (Officials said this was misleading because there was confusion as to whether students were going to school on Good Friday, and the calendar shows there will be two-hours dismissal that day, April 2).

Those who discussed the proposed calendar said “Having breaks throughout the school year was important to the group, however the group felt strongly it was important to have flexibility at the end of the year in case of a winter requiring (staff and students) to miss a lot of school.”