Choice Printing Staff

Left to Right: Tress Hackwell, Lisa Larson, Jolene Sisler and Debbie Leistad.



Choice Printing and Supply LLC provides a wide variety of designs on many different materials. From business cards to wedding invitations to Trojan apparel, they offer something for everyone.

Choice Printing opened in Atlantic in Spring 1995 and is now owned by Debbie Leistad. It opened after another business, Crabtree, closed its doors and left the community without a printing company, Leistad said. They moved to their current location, 414 Walnut St., just a few years ago.

Because they have been in business for so long, they have built some lasting relationships with customers in the area. However, it is not just the length of time they have been open- but the way their customers are treated.

“We have great customer service,” Leistad said. “We always get comments [from customers] about how they are treated and the quality of product they get.”

Leistad loves being able to satisfy and meet the customer’s needs. She said it’s easy to provide great services when their customers are so friendly right back to them.

“Over the years we’ve expanded our printing to promotional items and apparel.” said Leistad. “By doing that, we better fit the community’s needs.”