Water in Atlantic

ATLANTIC — A water emergency order — restricting use of city water in Audubon — is raising comments on-line, but the restriction isn’t new: the city had one in place last year. Atlantic on the other hand hasn’t had to restrict residents’ water use and at least for the time being, doesn’t anticipate any, according to Steve Tjepkes, Atlantic Municipal Utilities General Manager.

“So far we’ve been fortunate,” Tjepkes said.

He said historically the city has seen wells producing well. “Our wells are only about 100 feet deep,” he said, but noted that water production from those shallow wells had been good.

AMU does monitor the levels of the wells, checking on a monthly basis by pumping out water from a well quickly, then waiting to see how long it takes to recharge the water.

He said the city’s wells have been “amazingly consistent” when it came to recharging.

“So far it’s all been going well,” he said, adding that the wells had been tested about a week ago and all were normal.

He said he had noticed that there was more usage over the past couple weeks, but that, at this point, wasn’t causing any problems.

He said that the EPA had put in some wells north of the trailer park and AMU had been capturing water from there as part of filtering, “and that’s been a new source of water for us, too,” he said.

Audubon’s water restriction is in place until September, and prohibits watering yards, gardens, trees and any vegetation; washing mobile equipment; cleaning outdoor services; cleaning buildings; cleaning equipment and machinery; running ornamental fountains, filling swimming pools and using water from hydrants. Allowing water to escape through faulty plumbing and serving water in restaurants unless the individual requested are also prohibited. Penalties range from $100 for first violations to $200 for a second and $300 for a third and subsequent offenses.

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