On The Road With The Everharts

The Everharts

We are finally back in Anita, and quite frankly ‘off the road’ for awhile it seems. Once we discovered that our RV campground reservations were nullified, and all the State Park Campgrounds closed, we decided to head back to Iowa, taking our time, especially when the weather was still good, and trying to find a spot for the night as it showed up. We spent a couple of nights in truck-stops, but avoided the rest-stops on the Interstates. They announced that all the toilet paper had disappeared so they closed the rest rooms. We’re having a hard time dealing with people that now ‘steal’ toilet paper, taking everything available and leaving nothing for the next person who needs it. That’s kind of like stealing from your neighbors and friends. We’re back in Anita, and thought sure we’d get toilet paper at the Atlantic Walmart. Not happening, it was completely empty. It’s not a problem for us, Sheila has lots left over from last year.

We’re looking ahead a few weeks to our SpringFest, April 24-25-26. This is the only benefit show we do for the little Oak Tree, and it gets us through the summer. President Trump is suggesting the ‘lock down’ may end by Easter. That would still allow us to do SpringFest if that happens, for a couple of reasons. The timing is OK, and Sheila was smart enough last year, to get enough toilet paper for the Oak Tree then, to last through this year. Smart girl. We also have hand sanitizer if we need it, so we are hoping we might be able to do our fundraiser. Without it, we may not be able to keep the theater running through the summer this year. We have been doing programs for the past 22 years now, and it has always been the benefit show that provides us with enough money to get through the summer.

We’re just as bad off with our own ‘performance schedule.’ We were supposed to perform for the Archway in Kearney, Neb., to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. That’s our first big high paying gig, and it’s not until May 30, but they canceled anyway and will notify us for a later date. Our whole summer schedule, our performances at the International Peace Gardens, the Homestead National Monument, the McNider Arts Festival, Bone Creek Museum and Richardson County Museum in Nebraska, Pioneer Village, the Litchfield Opera House, the Betty Strong Center, and a whole bunch more of lesser paying jobs....If they are all canceled, we will definitely be in a financial bind. It is doubtful we can survive it and still pay the ‘bills’ we have to pay in Anita. Taxes, utilities, telephone, food, gas, everything that goes along with normal everyday living. All in jeopardy. Naturally, we are praying President Trump can find an ‘end’ to this tragic occurrence in America. Something tells us however, this is much bigger than just a virus attack. Politics has become a dangerous ‘game’ in America. We smell a rat somewhere.

Whatever happens, we are glad to be back in our little apartment behind the movie screen at the theater. It’s not very big, but it’s easy to keep warm and we are comfortable.....for the time being. Please wish us well, and if by any chance the ‘virus’ lets us do our benefit show, we sure could use your help by attending.