In 1956, Dwight (Wesley) Gard graduated into a world where the Cold War was just beginning and Elvis Presley was a year away from appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show, but he left Anita High School and familiarity for an uncertain future in Omaha. A year later, Maurine Shannon would do the same. In a strange accident of fortune, their paths would cross again in Omaha and, through hard work and love, they would share 60 years together that would find them traveling all 50 states; a few foreign countries; raising three children, four grandchildren, and four great grandchildren; and, carving out one Hell of a story despite their humble, Iowa farm beginnings.

The universe had plans for this young duo from Anita. One day, while working as a car salesman in Omaha, a friend mentioned to Dwight (Wesley) that he knew a young woman from Iowa who was working as a Nanny who he would like to set him up on date. It turns out that Wesley would be well acquainted with the woman he would go out on the date as she was a classmate at Anita High School. Anyone familiar with Wesley and Maurine may suggest that the courtship was simply a matter of Maurine dragging Dwight (Wesley) down the aisle by the hair, but that is only partially true. Whether through puppy love or mortal fear, Dwight (Wesley) would be married to his former Iowa classmate in September 1959.

The young couple would soon find themselves with two young children, a girl (Gloria) and boy (Gene), and moving to their current address, where they would spend the next 50 years of their lives building memories. Wesley was an accomplished steel rebar detailer and woodworker. Maurine moved up the corporate ladder as an accountant. They would have another son (Sean) and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren, travel extensively throughout the US (including riding motorcycles to Alaska), opened several small businesses, and built a network of neighbors and friends who they would maintain to this day.

The world has changed a lot from the days of their first fateful encounter, but their love and devotion to each other and their family remained. Through the many years, the humble couple from Iowa found love, sustained love, and built a family and legacy of devotion and caring. So now, on their 60th Wedding Anniversary, Wesley and Marine not only celebrate their achievements and memories through the years, but also look forward to future of new memories.

Please help Dwight (Wesley) and Maurine celebrate this milestone by sending your memories of them or just a card to: Wesley and Maurine Gard, PO Box 31366, Omaha, Neb. 68132.