Old Man's Kingdom - Camooweal - Streets of Old Sydney Town - Saddle Boy - Dry Weather Winds - Winter Winds - By The Plains of Peppinarti - A Land He Calls His Own - Exile - Saddle Up And Ride - Every Road I Travel - Lights On The Hill - Old Time Country Hall

Roger Green is one of those Australian country music entertainers, vocalists, recording artists, songwriters, and more, who have a lot of heart in their music. Not only in their music, this particular CD was recorded with all revenue generated by it going to cancer research. I like Roger's voice. He's a very nice vocalist. He does things with country music that we don't hear anymore in America. For instance, on the very first song, "Old Man's Kingdom" we actually hear him whistling the lead. I haven't heard that in many years, and here it is, live, real, and certainly entertaining. Roger has a very nice to listen to voice, and he uses it all the way through this super nice CD. There's not much information with it, don't know who the excellent backing musicians are. Be that as it may, it's a very pleasant listening experience hearing this Australian sing songs he likes a lot. He picked four songs from Slim Dusty to do. I had the opportunity to meet Slim a number of years ago, and found him to be a very dedicated 'country' artist, and a super nice friend. So do a lot of Australian performers who worked with Slim. We will be having no less than ten folks from Australia at our 44th annual National Old-Time Music Festival (Oct. 3-4-5-6) at the Christensen Field House in Fremont, Neb. Kris Kross Records are going to be well represented with an amazing number of Australian country singers. Going to be fun that's for sure. I am looking forward to that, and wishing, as I listen to Roger Green, sing his favorite country songs written by Australian writers, that he might be among the visitors. Super good steel guitar player throughout this entire recording. The session went well, obviously, with the just right changes in tempo and melody lines to make it a super interesting one to listen to. I believe the Rural Roots Music Commission have closed down entries for this year's CD of the Year awards, but I might keep this CD in my files and send it in for next year. It's very traditional, just the way I like it, and knowing the RRMC taste in country music, I believe they'd like it too. Hang in there Roger, there's no 'contact' on this CD or I would be sending this review to you. Keep up the good work, your 'traditional' sound even carries a bit of the Irish in your very listenable voice. Our very best to you mate.