Plagman Earns Speech and Debate Award

(photo contributed)

Emily Plagman

The National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) has awarded Emily Plagman, CAM Senior, the National Speech & Debate Association Speaking and Service Award for the 2019-2020 school year. Students earn this award when they reach the maximum number of service points in the NSDA’s Honor Society in a given school year. From more than 140,000 members, fewer than 60 students received this recognition.

The letter sent to the CAM Speech & Debate coaches reads, “As members of the Honor Society, National Speech & Debate Association members are held to our Code of Honor and the highest standards of service. The Code states that at all times a member is prepared to work constructively to improve the lives of others. In earning this award, Emily Plagman has demonstrated her commitment to using skills to help her peers, community, and the activity.”

Every time NSDA members speak or perform they earn points to move up to the next achievement level. Plagman not only performs and competes at speech contests, she also uses her speaking skills outside of school. She volunteers and serves her community in various ways. In the 2019-2020 school year, Plagman earned 200 NSDA service points — the most points that students can earn. Last year, Plagman had a total of 568 speaking points — points from speech contests and tournaments plus the service points. Because of this, she received a Degree of Special Distinction and a Double Ruby pin from the National Speech and Debate Association.

CAM Speech & Debate students, coaches and supporters would like to congratulate Plagman on this huge honor. The letter also reads, “This award not only represents hours of work on behalf of others, but is evidence that your team and your school as a whole have a culture of service.” As always, we appreciate the support given to students in the CAM community.