AUDUBON — A request for an exemption for snow plowing has lead the Audubon City Council to review current city ordinances and consider reversing a ban on ATVs in town.

On Monday night, the council tabled a decision on changing a current city ban on ATV use but will review current ordinances first.

Audubon County allows ATV and UTV use around the county, except where there were already laws in place in communities like Audubon, and that caused some confusion for Audubon city residents. One asked the city to consider an exemption for him, so that he could use an ATV to plow snow, after he purchased an ATV and plow, not knowing about the ban.

Area ATV enthusiasts have also spoken to the council, expressing interest in being able to ride the vehicles in town.

Audubon Police Chief Matt Starmer had expressed concerns, saying the smaller vehicles might be hard to see.

The council had asked Dave Wiederstein, city attorney, to draw up an amended ordinance, allowing ATVS, but he recommended that the city go through their current ordinances, as some clarification was needed.

The council would like to have city rules on allowing ATV use mirror the counties, to prevent confusion for those coming into town.