Atlantic Area Chamber Ambassadors Visit Five Q

The Atlantic Chamber Ambassadors were hosted by Five Q on Thursday April 29. Ambassadors were introduced to new staff members and learned about the company’s services and expansions.

Chad Williams, owner of Five Q introduced the two newest members, starting with Alex Tarr, an Atlantic native that came on board two months ago and took on the role of Office Manager. He also introduced Rachel Czaja who started as an intern while attending Wheaten College in Chicago. Rachel moved to Atlantic in May 2020 and took on the role of Marketing Coordinator.

Five Q started in 2004 with the mission to help their customers multiply their digital impact through website building, design, mobile app design, Amazon Alexa skills, and 501c3 ad grant management. Five Q specializes in helping nonprofit organizations market and fundraise and with their new personalization platform called Journity, the customer can create a digital marketing campaign in a short amount of time and get their message out on to the web faster.

To learn more about Five Q and the services they provide, contact 800-747-4214 or visit them online at

Ambassadors pictured from left to right are (front row) Rachel Slininger, Chad Williams and Karen Williams; and (back row) Kylie Alff, Donnie Drennan, Rachel Czaja, Jessi Klever, Alex Tarr, Krysta Hanson, Dolly Bergmann, Kelsey Beschorner, Bill Saluk, Dawn Marnin, Connie Wailes, Jason Nicholas, Kathy Hockenberry, Paul Gude and Carol Schuler.

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