Wiota United Methodist met on Sept. 9 with four members and shepherdess Carol Rogers present. The meeting opened with a reciting of the UMW Purpose. Roll call was if you went on a mission trip, where would you like to go.

Karen Berger gave the secretary’s report and it was accepted as read. She also gave the treasurer’s report and it was placed on file.

Ideas to honor Diane Denney with a banner were discussed. It was decided to add a signature to the treasurer’s account until after election of officers. The nomination committee will meet and bring a list of nominees to the October meeting.

Karen Berger gave a “Response” moment and recommended several articles that reported on the Pandemic. She also shared a comment that stated that United Methodist Women are good neighbors and physical distance won’t change that.

Vice president Rosemary Zellmer reported that the next meeting will be October 14 and we plan to assemble Ingathering Kits.

Nova Wright read Romans 3:1-7 from the prayer calendar. Those to be remembered in our thoughts and prayers were named and joys were shared.

Shepherdess Carol Rogers shared stories from the book “Glory Happening” by Kaitlin Curtic. President Sharon Jensen closed the meeting with 1 Corinthians 15:58. Pat Ostrus was hostess.