Church Family Enjoys New Home While Contemplating Future

(NT File Photo)

New Life Church Pastor Ben Winford stands in the door way of the church. Services have been held at the Cass County Community Center as the church is outgrowing its space, and members are trying to determine the plan for space for the church in the future.

ATLANTIC – Members of the New Life Church in Atlantic are enjoying a new space for worship services as they are outgrowing their current space, and considering options to increase space for the church in the future.

The church is located at 600 Pine Street, and Pastor Ben Winford said they continue to use the space for youth groups and other activities, but have been holding services at the Cass County Community Center since the beginning of June.

“We ran out of space here,” he said, saying services average about 100 to 115 people, and since moving the services to the community center, that’s increased to an average of 140 people. Members continue to live stream the service, which they stream to an average of 178-180 more people.

Winford said holding services at the community center does take a lot of preparation. There are a number of items, such as equipment for the praise band or toys for the children’s and nursey’s ministries, that are needed each Sunday. He said he has a team of leaders who pack up all the items each Saturday, move them out there, and then help set up for the service. After the service, they help tear down, and pack up to return to the church.

But, he said, many members are grateful for the new location because it does give people more space.

“They’ve loved it,” Winford said of the new location. “The biggest thing is we have room. And everybody’s just glad to be back and see one another face to face and experience worship service in person.”

Winford said leaders have several different ideas on what to do to increase space, which include looking for another location, remodeling the current church or tearing down the current church and parsonage, and replacing it with a new building.

Winford said he would prefer to stay in the current location because he feels it works well for accessibility to the people since they are not far off of Seventh Street.

“We would love to be able to tear down this and the parsonage and build a new steel building here,” he said. “That’s our goal. So we could get a sanctuary that would fit 300 people. (But) how this is going to happen? I don’t know. This is where my faith kicks in and really trusting the Lord to do what he needs to do. I’m a firm believer that if we need to build something new here, then he will give us the direction, he’ll bring in the right minds, and the right people to do that, and we’ll be able to raise the funds to do so.”

If people are interested in donating to help pay for whatever project church members ultimately go with, there are several ways they can do so. They can either leave a donation in boxes at the church, or go online to donate at or text the word “give” to 833-316-5464.