AUDUBON — While it was only in the single digits early on Saturday morning, the parking lot at Shopko quickly filled up with cars and a line of people started accumulating by the front doors.

The new It’s $5 store held a soft open this weekend and while not all the permanent signs were up, it was a chance for area residents and others to check out the new store.

Aleks Orzechowski, with It’s $5, said the store came together quickly.

The work was done, “all in the last week,” she said. “As we get trucks in, we process them really quickly. We just want to get the products out to the people as soon as possible.”

Customers lined up, got numbers then returned to their cars to wait until the “raffle,” to get in. At 9 a.m. five numbers were drawn to go in at the head of the line — Arch Anderson got the honor of reading the numbers off. The others filed in according to the number they’d received.

Anderson said he was surprised, and happy, to see the number of cars in the parking lot, and all the different license plates. “Different counties and even different states,” he said. “I’ve never seen this many cars in this lot in my life.”

How the raffle and numbers worked seemed to be the biggest question of customers on hand and on Facebook, but Orzechowski said the idea was to make sure people didn’t need to line up hours early, and in the cold weather to get in. Those arriving before 9 a.m. get a number then can wait in their cars until right before the doors open. Frequent shoppers can become a member, accumulate points and might get a ‘fast pass’ to get in at the beginning.

The store stocks new goods on Saturday and Sunday, and closes in the afternoon for a half hour for restocking and clean up. Items are $5 each on the weekend, but during the week become two or three or four for $5 — up to 10 for $5 on Fridays.

Pastor Ben Unseth, of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, was the first customer to check out, after finding a white shirt, while another customer lined up with decorative cactus plants in a basket.

Opening in Audubon was exciting, Orzechowski said.

“We’re really excited to be here, just coming in to this town,” she said. “Like I’ve been telling everyone, with the movie theater, the rec center, the hotel, it seems like every one is revitalizing (the town). It seems like a community that wants more going on and we’re excited to be here and be part a part of that revitalization.”

More help is still needed and those interested in applying can check the company website at or get more information at their Facebook page It’s $5