You may be familiar with these local landmarks, but you can have some fun by taking the family on a day trip to see — and snap some selfies — and beat the crowds.

Check out the trees: The Tree in the Road is a one-of-a-kind landmark that is a visitor favorite. Located near Brayton, at 2401 350th Street, this old cottonwood is located right in the middle of a crossroads. According to legend, over 160 years ago a surveyor used a cottonwood sprout to mark the line between Audubon and Cass County, and it grew. Today the 100 foot plus tall tree is a great spot for photos. After checking out that tree, head back to Highway 71 to check out the Plow in the Oak. According to legend in this tree’s case, a young farmer, plowing his field, went off to war with a passing group of Union soldiers, and never came back. Today you have to look hard to find the plow, as the tree has done a good job of growing around it. The Plow in the Oak park is located south of Exira on Highway 71, on the west side of Highway 71.

Want more nature views? Check out the birds and the bull in Audubon.

You don’t want to miss Albert the Bull. A great site for selfies, Albert the Bull is over 50 years old and 28 feet tall. He was created to honor beef production from the area, and you can even hear him talk at the information kiosk at the park. He’s located just off Highway 71 at the south end of the city of Audubon.

The last stop is for the birds: While in Audubon, drive up to Broadway and head east around the city park square. Here you will find there are many colorful two foot by two foot ceramic mosaics depicting birds painted by John James Audubon from his book “Birds of America.” A large stained glass mural — actually a 21 foot tall clock depicting Audubon and his dog, Zephyr — is located on the corner of Washington and Broadway, and a life sized bronze statue of Audubon can be found in the city park as well. Audubon native Russ Christensen cast the statue in 1996.