The meeting was held on July 5, with 14 members present and 1 guest present.

Meeting was opened by President Ray Wilson.

Ray Wilson gave the invocation.

Joy Smith gave a quote.

Joe Rush presented the program for Jim and Joe Beth Reynolds and shared slides and details of the Neihart bus tour he and Kathy took to Washington, D.C. On the way out, they stopped in Illinois at the factory where Beernuts are made and they could sample all 16 flavors. In D.C. the tour started with the capitol building and many of the original rooms such where the supreme court and houses of congress met. They had gone through the request from Senator Ernst and background checks that allowed them to go through the 3 checkpoints and tour the White House.

The tour is through the east wing which has the residence and several state meeting rooms etc., while the west wing is an addition that is almost a separate building and houses working offices.

The views are spectacular in many places starting with the rose gardens established by Jackie Kennedy at the White House and everything on and around the mall and the Smithsonian buildings. They saw the WWII, Vietnam, Lincoln, Korean and Martin Luther King memorials, but the Washington is still in the process of restitution from earthquake damage 3 years ago. A trip was made to Mt. Vernon as well as the Kennedy Center and Arlington National Cemetery and the viewing of the changing of the guard. Thanks, Joe for the virtual tour and reminder of all of our heritage to see in the nation’s capital.

Some members plan to do some visiting in the community this week. We are in dire need of reduction of the average age of our members! If you don’t happen to be contacted and have an interest in serving youth and community PLEASE contact an Optimist member or stop in at the Methodist church for breakfast at 7 a.m. on a Friday morning.

Jim and Joy Smith will be in charge of the July 19 program.