Aug. 9

There were 14 members and five guests present.

The meeting was opened by President Ray Wilson. Ray Wilson gave the invocation. Joy Smith and Ray Wilson gave quotes.

Chris Jahnke was one of our guests and presented the program for Rich and Sue Mortensen. After driving a van delivering kids to CASS Incorporated, Chris was recruited and worked there for 12 years. When isolated bad situations were publicized and the Olmsted Act (which keeps getting pushed back) was going to shut down the sheltered workshops, CASS Incorporated closed. Chris had seen how valuable the operation was and was determined to keep providing the service so he started his own company 3HO, standing for head, heart, hands and operation. It has been in operation nearly four years and has grown to employ 16. Currently 3HO has two company contracts, with Oriental Trading being the biggest. 3HO ranks first of their 35 offsite contracts in quality and on-time delivery. Chris and employees are very proud of their work ethic and efficiency, using several self-developed templates and employee dedication to do quality work in a fraction of the time of other operations. Taking over the Lewis elementary building will allow for expansion over time, also with the possibility of eventually adding some studio apartments for employees to live in. The number one drawback currently is a dock which will somehow be added. 3HO is determined to keep the grounds attractive and the playground equipment available for community although the insurance company will require it to be fenced in. Chris is appreciative of partnerships with Enterprise for truck rental, SWITA for delivering employees, the vocational rehabilitation program in Atlantic and the YMCA for space for his Challenger Basketball league. We appreciate the information along with Chris’ dedication to the employees he serves and keeping the Lewis building an asset to the community.

Katie Elwood will have the program for the Aug. 16 meeting.