For many patients in VA hospitals, time can move slowly between visits from family and friends. In addition to holding events and providing friendship to Veterans in VA hospitals, Elks also provide the tools for veterans to take up a new skill.

The Veterans Leather Program relies on the charity of hunters across the nation to donate hides so they can be turned into leather used for therapy programs for recovering veterans.

Leather is also used to provide professionally-crafted gloves for veterans in wheelchairs which are distributed at veterans adaptive sports clinics and gathering throughout the country.

All Elks Clubs in Iowa participate in this program and ask that any of the deer hunters consider giving their hides to the Elks. There are drop boxes in back of the lodge at 411 Walnut Street, clearly marked, and a box at the fire department in Wiota. For more information, contact Delbert Thurman at 712-249-4756.

“We hope you will help us support this much needed project,” organizers say.

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