Ambassadors Visit Masonic Lodge

The Atlantic Chamber Ambassadors were hosted by the Masonic Pymosa Lodge on Thursday, Nov. 19. The Ambassadors learned about the Mason’s recyclable can fundraiser for their scholarship fund.

Donnie Drennan shared about the rich history of philanthropy of the Mason’s organization and their new fundraiser for the scholarship fund. Annual scholarships are awarded to area seniors to help offset the cost of tuition and vary in amount depending on donations the organization has received throughout the year. The Masons normally have an Annual “Stew Feed” in the spring, but due to COVID-19, the Masons thought they may need to think of additional ways to fundraise and with that came the idea of collecting recyclable containers. The Masons have built a collection bin outside of the Pymosa Lodge with material donated by a community member. The Mason will be accepting donations of both bottle and cans that can be dropped off at the Lodge or picked up from a residence or business upon request.

The Masonic Lodge/ Pymosa Lodge #271 is located at 1010 SW 7th Street in Atlantic.

For further information about the Scholarship Program or to donate please contact 712-243-2955.

Ambassador’s pictured include (left to right): Jessi Klever, Kelsey Beschorner, Kylie Alff, Rachel Czaja, Scott Bennett, Dolly Bergmann, Matt Kernen, Carol Schuler, Arlene Drennan, Dr. Keith Leonard, Donnie Drennan, Mike Blevins, Dawn Marnin, Jen McEntaffer, Colt Doherty, Nedra Perry, Rich Perry, Chuck Noty

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