No Trick or Treat?

While this little soldier is already in costume and masked up, Audubon kids may not get to go trick or treating this year. The Audubon City Council will discuss it during tonight’s meeting.

ATLANTIC — COVID-19 concerns may result in a Halloween without Trick or Treating for Audubon kids this year.

Under the pandemic, events have been cancelled around southwest Iowa since spring, including many town celebrations and gatherings, while others went on with changes. The Audubon City Council and Mayor Barb Jacobsen are expected to talk about the annual tradition during the council meeting tonight.

Other communities in and around Audubon County have said they will probably hold a Halloween trick or treat event but so far Audubon officials have not yet released a date or time for the annual event.

City Clerk Joe Foran said, in talking with the mayor, there were concerns about rising numbers of positive COVID-19 cases in the county and whether or not the event could be held safely.

As of Friday morning, the county had 1,301 individuals tested, and 112 individuals whose tests were positive for COVID-19, or a positivity rate of 8.6 percent. Over a 14 day average, the county’s positivity rate was 91 percent. Of the positive cases 10 percent were children, 0-17 years of age, 34 percent were adults 18-40, 31 percent were middle aged 41-60, 21 were older adults, 61-80 and 4 percent were elderly or over 80.

Cass County has similar numbers by age — except for the rates of kids, ages 0-17, at 16 percent. Their positivity rate was 6.9 percent and the 14 day average was 8 percent.)

Atlantic had approved Halloween trick or treating with some COVID-19 safety modifications, like mask wearing and social distancing and a quick survey of other communities around the area showed most were planning to hold trick or treating from 5-7 p.m. on Oct. 31, some with restrictions while others just asked residents to use common sense.

The council meeting is at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 12, at the Memorial Building in Audubon.