Atlantic Man Pays It Forward After RAGBRAI

(photo by Jennifer Nichols)

JC Van Ginkel presented a donation to the Atlantic Kiwanis Club for their bike helmet program and is pictured with Atlantic Kiwanis Club Member Steve Green.

Like many other people in Atlantic, JC Van Ginkel hosted several RAGBRAI riders when they stopped in Atlantic.

“The group that stayed with me, there was 20 some of them, they’ve been riding for 25, 30 years,” he said.

He offered the use of his shower, bathroom, and even offered to do some laundry.

“They’re coming in and hitting the shower, and hitting the bathroom,” he said. “And I put a basket down, and say throw your (dirty clothes) in there. I’ll just run it through the washing machine, and then the dryer. And some of them took me up on (the offer).”

A few days later, Van Ginkel happened to be back in the laundry room again, and discovered “there’s an envelope.”

It included a thank you note and $200.

And he thought, “What the heck am I going to with this money?”

One idea he had was donating it the bike helmet program offered by the Atlantic Kiwanis Club.

So on behalf of the team-they called themselves “More-ons,” a take off on a name from the printing company that used to have offices in Minnesota and California - Van Ginkel donated the money to the club for the program.