Members of the IWCC Monday/Wednesday/Friday Public Speaking class held a one-week food drive, and appreciated all the donations they received.

Class members had a goal of filling a grocery cart with canned food to be donated to the Atlantic Food Pantry. The grocery cart was loaned to us by Hy-Vee in Atlantic. Items donated to the Atlantic Food Pantry included nine boxes of cereal, seven boxes of macaroni and cheese, five boxes of Hamburger Helper, four corn muffin mixes, four packages of pasta side dishes, three boxes of pasta, three jars of pasta sauce, three boxes of Jell-O, two boxes of tuna, cake mix and frosting, oatmeal, crackers, and 100+ cans of peas, pork and beans, fruit cocktail, peaches, pears, chicken noodle soup, tuna, and many more types of canned food. Additionally, generous community members put spare change and cash in a glass jar and class members raised $123 for the Atlantic Food Pantry.

“A great big thank you goes to the generosity of members of our community as well as students and faculty at Iowa Western Community College in Atlantic,” organizers said. “Thank you for giving so that we could help the people who are hungry in our community.”