The Griswold Optimist Club meet on Dec. 7.

There were 17 members and four guests present.  

Meeting was opened by President Ray Wilson.

Jim Smith gave the invocation.  

Ray Wilson, Joy Smith and Gary Weideman gave quotes.

Tanner, Larissa and Noah Potter were among our guests and Tanner presented the program for Bruce and Nancy Potter. It will be four years in May that Tanner has been in the guard. He is no platoon leader for his company based out of Shenandoah. He achieved this position after successfully completing Ranger School. The Ranger school is based out of Fort Benning, Georgia and is considered the premier leadership school in the armed services. Tanner learned  that it is a character school as well as leadership.  An extreme degree of stress is placed on the candidate trainees through lack of food and sleep as well as extreme physical challenges. Tanner entered the training at about 165 pounds and exited at about 145. There is a pre-school before you are even eligible and only about 40 percent of the entrants survive this screening.  A large majority of the troops are army personnel. The training is done in three phases. The first is at Fort Benning, the second in the Appalachian mountains and the third in the Florida swamps. Many have to “recycle” at least some of the phases and only about 16 percent complete that start complete the training.  Tanner finished in the minimum 62 days. Thanks, Tanner for the interesting program and especially for your sacrifice and service to our country!

A huge thanks to our generous merchants and community members who helped make our annual auction a success in raising funds to support our youth programs through the year.

Brad Rhine will present the Dec. 14 program for Bob Patterson.