July 5

There were 14 members present and one guest present.

Meeting was opened by President Ray Wilson.

Jim Smith gave the invocation.

Joy Smith and Ray Wilson gave quotes.

Barb Baier was our guest and presented the program for Randall and Phyllis. Barb updated the group on the progress and roadblocks of the group working toward establishing a comprehensive child care center in Griswold. In the past 10 years, Iowa has lost 40 percent of its child care provision. The Baiers are finding that even though safety of children is a worthy cause, the regulations and red tape that are intended to provide it can be a real hindrance. Lack of ability to make money or even break even with finances is another challenge to child care provision. They have worked with architect Pete Franks who is extremely knowledgeable in meeting building requirements. Unfortunately, one of the findings has been that it would be cost prohibitive to bring the one potential building candidate on main street up to code. All cost effective possibilities of building are being explored and the group has acquired tax-exempt status affording the opportunity for grant proposals to be submitted. USDA was a possible source of funding, but the “strings” that go with their money would cost more than the benefit would be. While it will not happen for this school year as was dreamed, the Baiers and others are committed that comprehensive child care in Griswold will become a reality and be done right. Thanks for the update, Barb, and for your work to better our community!

Plans are being finalized for food stand serving hot dog and hamburger meals Saturday, July 13, in the park during Griswold Old Soldiers Reunion. Plan to stop by, enjoy a meal and help us support our youth projects throughout the year.

Jim and Jo Beth Reynolds will be in charge of the July 12th program.