AUDUBON — The Audubon Fire and Rescue Association revealed plans for a new, larger fire station that they hope to build on the site of the former Landus building that was donated to the department in October 2018.

The new station is expected to cost between $1.9-$2 million, Association President Andy Griffith said, but noted that was an estimate as they were not ready to send the project out for bids yet.

The new station would be larger than the current fire station — about 80 x 200 — the current building is about 60 x 90.

The new station “would be about 16,000 square feet, a huge improvement,” he said.

It would include locker rooms, a weightlifting area, training area, larger meeting room and kitchen, and in general, more room for the departments trucks. With fire trucks getting larger and larger, more room was needed and this new station would have pull through bays, allowing the trucks to enter from the back of the building, and be ready to go facing the street.

It would be located where the brick Landus building is now, and that building will have to be demolished. The current fire station belongs to the city of Audubon and would go back to the city when the new building was complete.

Griffith said he was hoping the new building could be completed in two to three years, but that was all dependant on financing. The association could choose to raise all the funds first, to raise part of the funds and go for a loan, or could take out a loan for the whole project and get started sooner.

He said they planned to take about a year to “see how it goes,” and see what kinds of grants they could apply for. An account specifically for this project has been set up and donations may be directed to the fire department.

Griffith said he appreciated the support of the public, and looked forward to building the community a nice facility.