Hotel/motel tax to go on ballot

By Laura Bacon/NT Staff Writer

Audubon City Clerk Joe Foran and Mayor Barb Jacobsen look over a resolution that would put a hotel/motel tax on the ballot for the November elections.

AUDUBON — A hotel/motel tax will be on the November ballot in Audubon, after the Audubon City Council unanimously approved putting it on the ballot on Monday night.

Audubon city residents will vote on the issue — a 7 percent tax with proceeds going half to cultural and recreational issues and half to any purpose permitted by Iowa law.

City Clerk Joe Foran said it was important that Audubon residents know that they would not be taxed unless they stayed at a hotel/motel in Audubon, but the funds collected through tourism could help pay for things for the city.

Cultural and recreational funds could be used, for example, to work on the pool, while the other funds could be used for anything from road work to public safety or tax relief.

No one was present to ask questions or comment on the proposed tax.

Foran also said, while the council approved putting the issue on the ballot for the November election, the public would be making the final decision when they voted.