Every five years each county in Iowa evaluates its health needs and develops a five-year health improvement plan. Now is the time for Cass County to do this work, and Cass County Public Health and Healthy Cass County need your input.

All people who live, work, or recreate are strongly encouraged to take the assessment! The assessment should take about five minutes, and responses are anonymous.

The Cass County Community Health Needs Assessment is open until April 12.

Where to find the assessment:

2. Printed copies of the assessment can be found at Cass County Public Health, Cass County ISU Extension, Massena City Hall, Lewis City Hall, Griswold City Hall, and libraries across Cass County including Atlantic, Anita, and Cumberland.

The Community Health Needs Assessment asks you to take a broad view of health. When evaluating Cass County’s health needs, the assessment will ask you to think of health as a state of physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being—not just the absence of sickness.

You will be asked to identify the highest-priority health needs in Cass County, and to provide your input as to how these needs can be addressed. For example, you may have seen another community implementing a creative solution to affordable housing or mental health—that information would be great to share!

Do you feel like you just took a survey? You may have taken the Cass County Outdoor Recreation Survey recently. That survey was much longer and went in-depth into outdoor recreation. This assessment is very short and much broader. Both will be very helpful when prioritizing projects and applying for grant funding for Cass County.

As the Cass County Community Health Needs Assessment says, our vision is to be a county where there is health and well-being for all.

By taking the assessment and sharing it with friends, family, and coworkers, you help further that vision.

Thank you for taking five minutes to make Cass County a place where there is health and wellbeing for all!


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Bio: Brigham Hoegh is Cass County’s Wellness Coordinator, a position jointly funded by Cass County Board of Supervisors, Cass County ISU Extension, Cass County Public Health, and the Nishna Valley Family YMCA. Brigham serves as a connector and bridge builder between local groups focused on community health and wellness initiatives, including Healthy Cass County (on Facebook @HealthyCassCounty)

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