ATLANTIC — Atlantic Police Chief Dave Erickson lost two sleeves off the uniform he was wearing on Tuesday, but it was all for a good cause.

Mike Blevins and Donnie Drennnan of the Masons Pymosa Lodge #271 came to city hall to meet with Erickson to remove the sleeves, which each had a pink department patch. The Atlantic Police Department is participating in the Pink Patch Project to raise money and awareness of Breast Cancer, and other forms of cancer.

When Blevins bumped into Erickson, they discussed the patches. Blevins said, “(Erickson) said ‘for $50 you can rip it off my sleeve, or cut it off my sleeve,’ and I said, ‘Accepted.’”

Blevins said he planned to donate proceeds from the Pymosa Lodge to the patch project.

Drennan said, “Then Mike called me, and I said I would match his $50, so we’re going to do two sleeves.”

There have been challenges by businesses to buy and display the patches which have been on sale for $10 at the Atlantic Police Department, but Drennan and Blevins got to cut off both of Erickson’s sleeves, and now challenge other businesses, organizations or individuals to do the same.

Erickson welcomed the change, saying if you could beat the $100 for two sleeves, he’d let you cut his sleeves off at the Nov. 4 City Council meeting. He might even auction it off, in order to raise more money.

“It’s for a good cause,” he said.

UPDATE: Erickson put out a challenge to bid to beat the $100 donation.  The group, organization, business or individual interested in bidding should contact the Atlantic Police Department at 243-3512 during business hours, or stop-by with a bid. The person, group, business or organization with the highest bid gets to cut the sleeves off Chief Erickson again, during the Nov. 4 City Council meeting. Bids are accepted until Oct. 30 at 4 p.m.

The department purchased 300 patches and have done well in selling them so far: they are now selling out of the third bag of 100 patches, Erickson said.

The funds raised will go to the Cass County Chapter of Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society.

You can pick up a patch at the Atlantic Police Department during regular business hours, or at the Atlantic City Hall, or Atlantic Area Chamber of Commerce. Contact Chief Erickson if you want to make a donation and cut his sleeves off at the Nov. 4 City Council meeting.