Safe Sleep helps reduce the risk of (SIDS) Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Some of the guidelines to follow for safe sleep are:

1) All infants (birth to the age of 1 year) should be placed on their back to sleep. This is for naps and bedtime.

2) Use a firm sleep surface. Car seats, swings, and other baby containers are not safe for sleep.

3) No blankets, stuffed animals, sleep positioners, wedges, pillows, bumper pads, or crib toys/mobiles in the crib.

4) One infant per crib

5) Do not share a bed, couch, or chair to sleep with an infant. They should be in their approved sleep environment, as sharing a sleep surface with an infant can lead to suffocation, or entrapments and harm the infant.

6) Keep the room at a temperature for a lightly clothed adult, as to prevent overheating.

7) Use alternative sleep clothing like a sleep sack, that doesn’t swaddle.

8) Pacifiers may be offered at nap time and bed time if parents allow.

If you have any questions about child health and safety or any special training needs call Wendy Love your Child Care Nurse Consultant (CCNC) @ 712-263-3303. The CCNC Program is funded by Buena Vista, Crawford, Sac Early Childhood Iowa, HMS Early Childhood Iowa (Harrison, Monona, Shelby), Boost4Families (Cass County) Early Childhood Iowa, and the Iowa Department of Public Health.