News Telegraph

CASS COUNTY — Two Griswold men have been charged with false imprisonment and going armed with intent after an incident with what they thought was a suspicious vehicle traveling in their area.

Steven Darrell Funk, 54, and Mark Funk, 61, both of Griswold both face charges after a report says a woman, her husband and two small children were traveling in the vicinity of 640th Street and Tucson Road on March 11. Steven Funk and Mark Funk boxed the family’s vehicle in with a pick up and an SUV, got out of their vehicles and surrounded the family, and allegedly Mark Funk pointed a firearm at the family’s vehicle.

Steven and Mark Funk have admitted to boxing in the family’s vehicle.

Steven Funk was charged with false imprisonment, a serious misdemeanor, on March 12. A criminal complaint of going armed with intent a Class D Felony, was added on March 18. A summons was issued and the defendant was to appear in court on March 19.

Mark Funk was charged with going armed with intent, a Class D Felony and false imprisonment, a serious misdemeanor on March 12. A hearing for initial appearance was held on March 12, $600 cash bond was posted and a preliminary hearing was set for March 19 at 2 p.m.