Are you registered to vote? If you will be 18 on or before Election Day, or have never registered and want to, you have the opportunity to sign up Saturday, Sept. 19, from 9 a.m. to noon at a minimal contact, drive-through registration event in the parking lot of Iowa Western Community College, located at 705 Walnut Street, Atlantic.

The completely nonpartisan activity is coordinated by four Atlantic women: Kimberlee Spillers, Mary Loe, Jan Lunde, and Ellen Sokolowski.

“We had not heard of anyone holding this type of event, so we decided to make it happen,” says the group. “We are grateful to Iowa Western Community College for giving us permission to use the parking lot. It’s location, visibility, easy access, and ability to be a one-way drive-thru, makes it the perfect place. Plus, being across the street from the very busy ‘Udderly Delicious’ ice cream stand should get some attention!”

Here are event details:

“Register to Vote” signs will be placed on Seventh and Walnut Streets to call attention to passing traffic.

Applicants are asked to drive into the northeast entrance to IWCC off Walnut Street.

You will need your driver’s license or voter PIN number to complete the form.

Masked volunteers will come to your car window and hand you a clipboard with a voter registration form. You will be given a pen to use, or may use one of your own.

If desired, an applicant may also complete an absentee ballot request form.

Once completed, the registrant will return the form/s, clipboard, and pen to the volunteer.

The applicant drives out through the southeast or south exits.

The clipboards and pens will be wiped after each use and the volunteer will sanitize their hands before helping the next applicant.

You will not be able to vote at this event; it is only to register people to vote. Voting ballots will be mailed from the Cass County Auditor’s office Oct. 5 to people who have requested absentee ballots. Voters can stop in the auditor’s office to vote in person, beginning Oct. 5.

For questions about this event, email Kimberlee Spillers at For general voter registration questions, if you are unable to register Sept. 19, or live outside Atlantic and want to register, call the Cass County Auditor’s office at 712-243-4570. If you’d like to complete the form/s yourself, go to this link for our Iowa Secretary of State,

When completed, drop off or mail to Cass County Auditor, 5 West 7th Street, Atlantic, Iowa 50022.