Take A Bow

The cast of Big Fish: The Musical, takes a bow at the end of Sunday's performance.

Photo by Laura Bacon

ATLANTIC - Knowing how something is going to end can make all of the difference. Big Fish, the Musical, was performed Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Atlantic High School and when the main character, Edward Bloom, is told how he is going to die, it changes how he lives, allowing him to “Be the Hero” of a lot of his own stories - 36 at least - and to be the “Big Fish,” in his small town as he saves the day.

 With music and lyrics by Andrew Lippa, based on a book by John August, it was choreographed by Joy Tunnicliff, directed by Jennifer Gaesser, the musical pit was directed by Jarrod O’Donnell, and accompanied by Michelle Schuler and Christine Skog.

Production credit goes to Wickman Chemical and Lindeman Tractor.

The play centers around the relationship between a Ed and his son, Will - and how Will tries to get to the bottom of all of the tall tales the father told, as he was growing up.  The stories include fantastic characters like a witch, a giant and a mermaid; exotic locations like overseas in the war and life with the circus, and how Edward meets, woos and marries the woman he fell in love with at first sight.

With Edward at the end of his life and will expecting the birth of his own son, the conflict comes to a head when the Will finds a mysterious deed to a property - signed by both Edward and Jenny Hill, another woman, part of the one big story his father didn’t tell.

The cast included Josh McLean as Edward Bloom; Bradley Dennis as Will; Melanie Hart as Sandra; Genevieve Martinez as Josephine; Colin O’Donnell as young Will; Sarah Schorle as the Witch; Chris Krogh as Karl the Giant; Rebekah Hallman as Jenny Hill; Avery Andersen as Amos Calloway; Aaron Rothfusz as Don Price/a fisherman; Nate McLean as Zachy Price; Ethan Simmons as Dr. Bennett/the mayor; Tate DenBeste as Red Fang; Aly Brockob as the Mermaid; Mason McFadden and Conner Johnson as Boy Scouts. The ensemble included: Brylee Aldrich, Erin Barrick, Alyssa Behrens, Aly Brockob, Camryn Church, Abi Evans, Yara Haidar, Hana Holtz, Gwen Irlmeier, Chris Krogh, Molly McFadden, Nate McLean, Adriana Mendez, Ana Muell, Kyra Namanny, Bella Peterson, Ethan Simmons, Reagan Watson, McKayla Weppler, Belle Wickman.

Crew members included Gabe Martinez, stage manager; Evan Brummer, lights manager; Zachary McKay, sound manager; Lucas Behrens and Devin McKay, spotlights. The stage crew included Tate DenBeste, Cambry Miller, Caine Paige, Emily Saeugling, Katie Saluk, Gratt Reed and Grace VanAernam.

Make up/Costumes included Haylie Handel, Rivea Keen and Lia Lillard. The Musical Pit included Miranda Chipman, Grace Clay, Nellie Grooms, Riley Seufert, Caleb Spurr and Charity Williams.