Wear A Mask


I’m calling from Atlantic. On the pandemic that’s being spread, it appears that people don’t really think this is true. I hear that “it’s a free country, I don’t have to wear a mask,” but yet you have to wear a seat belt, so you do. I don’t have to wear a mask when I go into a store, but yet you have to wear a shirt and shoes. What’s wrong with adding a mask to that? I’ve noticed that in the paper from the homecoming events very, very, very few people are wearing a mask. And now you see in the paper where more classes are being quarantined right after this big event. Did anyone think that wearing a mask would stop this pandemic? Four to six weeks, everybody in America wear a mask, it would come to an end. So it’s time to stop thinking that you’re too macho or too rich to wear a mask. If you feel that way, stay home. Don’t infect other people. Until someone, your sibling, your father or grandparents dies from this disease- then you will think ‘”Oh, maybe it is real.” So either wear a mask or stay home. Thank you.

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