The Lord is my strength and my shield...”

-Psalm 28:7a

This may be an unpopular take, but I find joy and freedom in knowing I’m not enough. I’m not strong enough and if left alone, I’m vulnerable in so many ways to the evil in this world. In fact, when I try to do life on my own, it’s often the most trying, frustrating and regretful of times. When I rely on my own strength, I realize just how weak and lacking I really am. I’m like a shield a warrior would have used. No matter where I place my shield for defense, it leaves another part of me vulnerable. I can’t completely defend my whole being. If I defend against lust, then pride comes and smacks me. I’m just not enough. And I’ve come to love it.

With the Lord as my strength and shield, I am completely secure. When I rely on the Lord as my strength, I’m able to endure all things this world could possibly throw at me. When I allow the Lord to be my shield, I am completely guarded as His presence surrounds all sides of me. There is so much more freedom in accepting that I’m not enough and so much more confidence in knowing the Lord is more than enough.

What about you? Are you feeling defeated, broken and hopeless? If so, it might be that you’re trying to be enough. It might be that you’re trying to go at it alone and not allowing the Lord to be your strength and shield. It’s okay to not be enough. I’ve come to realize it takes more strength to come to a place of inadequacy and rely more fully on God than it does to fight alone. If you’re trying to do it alone, why? I want to invite you into a place where our inadequacy meets God’s abundance. This meeting will take courage, humility and strength but will result in joy and freedom unlike any other. Would you be willing to meet?