“As it is, there are many parts, but one body.”

-1 Corinthians 12:20

I have always been fascinated with people. Most of my high school career, I wanted to be a guidance counselor. As I got into college, I settled on psychology as my first major. (It changed several times throughout college.) The most fascinating thing to me is how each person is unique. Each has a different appearance, personality, sense of humor, talents, gifts, strengths and weaknesses. Yet, despite our many differences, we belong to the same body. The body of Christ.

Paul wanted the Corinthians to embrace diversity with the understanding that it’s necessary for unity in the body. God created each of us differently for a reason, and the reason is to bring God glory. As the body of Christ, we bring glory to God in the fullest, when we each use our differences in harmony with one another to make much of Jesus Christ. There are ways in which I can advance the Kingdom more effectively than some of you. In the same way, there are ways in which you can advance the Kingdom more effectively than me. This doesn’t need to cause any type of friction. We should be thankful that others are made to step in where we would otherwise fall short. After all, when working to build God’s Kingdom, nobody has everything but everybody has something.

What’s your something? How have you been uniquely created to help God advance the Kingdom? Would you ask God today to help reveal which part you are in the body of Christ? Would you ask the Holy Spirit to heighten an awareness of differences, giftedness and opportunities to make known the name of Jesus? Most of all, amongst all the differences we see and feel around us, ask to be reminded these are necessary for unity in the body. There doesn’t always have to be a “right” and a “wrong.” Sometimes it may just be “different.” And I pray it’s in our differences that the body of Christ would be united. After all, we’re one body with one mission.

Let’s each do our part.