“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”

-Psalm 150:6

Would you close your eyes and take several deep breaths? Isn’t it amazing to think the God of the universe grants us each and every breath? Do you realize God doesn’t have to give us our next breath? We haven’t earned it. We haven’t worked for it. It’s a God-given gift and He has the authority to take it from us anytime He wants, without warning. Could you imagine the stress and worry if we had to try to earn enough breaths for the day?

The point is we take some of the simplest, most important things for granted. It would do us good if we began and ended each day by just taking a few seconds to close our eyes, breathe, and praise the Lord. In fact, this verse indicates that’s the very reason we’re given breath, to praise the Lord. Each breath God gives us is given so that we can praise His holy name. Every breath from every living creature ought to return to God in praise.

Take time the next several days to just breathe. It doesn’t have to be a fancy breathing exercise, although it could be. Just close your eyes and take a couple deep breaths and remember the One who put the stars in the sky and calls them by name put that breath in your lungs so that you would call Him by name. Just breathe.