“And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.”

-Genesis 1:3

The first and one of the most obvious miracles in the Bible is the creation story. God spoke the whole world into motion. It would be a difficult argument to claim you believe the creation story to be true yet argue against miracles. Scripture is filled with miracles, yet it seems one of our biggest challenges in our faith in God is to believe God still works miracles today. In fact, there is a group called, “cessationists.” They believe signs and wonders ceased after the apostles died and the New Testament canon was established. In other words, they believe the gifts of the Spirit are no longer active. But what about you? Have you experienced a miracle, such as healing, through the power of the Holy Spirit? Do you even believe that God still speaks miracles into motion today?

I believe we experience miracles every day. The question is whether or not we have the mind that will allow our eyes to see them. Do we live each day with a faith-based awareness of the miracles God is performing through His Word and through others?

I have experienced a spiritual healing that I would claim as a miracle of God by way of the Holy Spirit. That God would take such a wretched heart as mine, speak light into it, and use it for His glory is miraculous. I have gone from darkness to light. I hold it as a miracle of God because I cannot fully explain it. I certainly didn’t deserve it nor earn it. Yet, it has happened.

Let’s ask God to give us a mind that allows our eyes to see the Lord’s miraculous works today. Let’s become more aware of God’s signs and wonders throughout our day. Let’s be careful not to chalk things up too quickly as coincidental. But instead, let’s give consideration that the Creator God may still be creating situations, encounters, circumstances, conversations, opportunities, healings, signs and wonders today.