In this time of COVID-19 a very simple task that would benefit all is the wearing of a mask in public spaces. We thank everyone in this community who has put the community first and are wearing masks. It's not about personal freedom, it's about caring for our community. It's about saving lives. If you were near a body of water and saw someone having trouble, you would probably go to the rescue. If you came upon an accident or a fire, you would probably stop to help or call 911. You would be doing an act of human kindness by participating in saving someone's life. Wearing a mask in public will save people's lives.

Unfortunately this act of kindness, respect and duty has turned into a political issue. The pandemic is serious business and from what we read and listen to - the experts, not the politicians - are saying that wearing a mask in public will help tremendously in curbing the spread of this terrible virus.

We in Cass County are extremely fortunate that we have had very few cases and no deaths. Let's keep it that way. Dr. Fauci has remarked in hearings on Capitol Hill that the next two weeks are critical. Let's do our patriotic duty and help stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus.