To the editor of Atlantic News Telegraph:

In the Jan. 2,2020, edition of your newspaper you published two news releases from an Omaha, Neb. CPA firm about the September release of the Cass County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) and Health Partners of Southwest Iowa’s June 30, 2019, audit reports. As a former auditor (and as a current taxpayer) , I always make it a point to review this published information for anything that might seem unusual, unnecessary or ‘better spent elsewhere’ (in my opinion).

Before I proceed any further, let me state for the record that I no longer have a ‘dog in the fight’, as the saying goes, when it comes to auditing, because my firm no longer offers that particular service and therefore I have absolutely nothing to gain by making the following observation:

As I recall from reading (also in this newspaper) a previously published listing of the CCMH expenditures this CPA firm from Omaha, Neb. was listed as receiving in excessof $28,000 in auditing fees this past fiscal year. Although I do not know this for a fact, I would venture a guess that substantially all of this money was circulated in the Omaha area economy and very little (if any) in Cass County’s economy.

I am of the understanding that CCMH has also switched some of their insurance, banking and investment service needs to providers outside of the Cass County area, while at the same time levying property taxes of nearly $2.4 million on Cass County residents/taxpayers.

My purpose for writing this letter is to make others aware of this particular situation and to request that the leaders of all of our local ‘tax levying’ organizations/governments revisit the original reasons that they may have chosen to take our tax dollars out of our community to be sure that those reasons are still in the best interest of all involved.