“Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”

-Proverbs 16:24

I have been awakened by the power in our words. In the last week, I’ve experienced or witnessed this power in a good way and also in a bad way. I often have people who respond in some way to these messages with gratitude. Though I don’t put the time and energy into this for any type of praise, it does help to know that it was uplifting to someone along the way. Each day, teachers spend time and energy teaching kids how to communicate in a healthy and effective way. As parents, we invest in our kids’ communication by emphasizing being polite, respectful and empathetic. We try to teach them how to appropriately disagree with someone. Much of my time in P.E. is spent helping children communicate their feelings in a healthy way. Why is this so important? Because our words, whether spoken or written, have power.

In the ancient world, nothing was sweeter than honey from the honeycomb. Gracious words have the power to bring hope, peace, encouragement, confidence and love to others. I have been blessed to have people in my life who have spoken words from the honeycomb to me. Each day, I try to intentionally speak some of these same words to my family. We have all felt the impact gracious words have deep in our souls. Unfortunately, we’ve also felt the deep cuts from hurtful words. What we say, text, tweet, write and post matters. It’s true that sticks and stones can break bones, but it’s also true that words can bring healing.

Let’s take advantage of opportunities to use our words to build others up. Send a kind message to someone today. Parents and teachers, don’t give up on fighting the same communication battles we seem to fight every day with our children. It’s important and it matters. We’re not only helping the children we’re raising and teaching but we’re also helping all of those with whom they will communicate in the future. Let’s be a small splash of honey causing the ripples of sweetness to extend out beyond our imaginations.

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