“You, Lord, are my portion, my cup; You control my destiny.”

-Psalm 16:5

What have you inherited? This could go a couple different directions. You might think of property, money, and heirlooms or perhaps you’re thinking of personality traits, characteristics, or even physical traits. We inherit a variety of things from our family bloodlines. However, one thing we don’t inherit from our earthly family is our destinations. Sure we may learn some behaviors and preferences but as adults, we are free to live where we choose. Yet, our verse for today, penned by David, refers to a destination that we can, in fact, inherit.

David’s portion and cup is a reference to his inheritance. David was the youngest of many sons and would likely have little to inherit from his earthly family. However, David rejoiced in the truth that God was the portion of his inheritance and because of that, his eternal destination was secure. This is only possible through the work of Jesus. This is why the Easter story is such a big deal. More so, this is why answering the question, “Who is this?” in regards to Jesus is the most important question you will ever answer.

When you declare Jesus as Lord and Savior and believe that Jesus is who He claims then you’re given an inheritance that’s unlike any other you have or will receive. You’re given eternal salvation through the blood of Jesus. God becomes the portion of our inheritance.

David had found the secret of contentment and joy in life in knowing what waited. David knew the destiny God provides.

What about you? Have you answered the question? Have you taken and received the inheritance offered to us through Jesus? If so, rejoice no matter the circumstance. But if not, then pray and ask the Holy Spirit to do a work in you that will be more valuable and longer lasting than anything this world offers.