I am calling from Atlantic. People want to move to Atlantic, but they can’t. Do you know why? In today’s paper, there were nine apartments listed for rent. All but one, said “No Pets, No Smoking.” Maybe you people with apartments-there’s one that’s been in there forever-should wake up.


This is Rod Anderson from Massena. This is the statement I have concerning the Massena sewer lagoon improvements and cost: I request that the Massena City Council use tax increment financing, TIF money, to pay reminding cost for sewer lagoon treatment improvements. Massena qualifies to receive federal grants, although the town the needs to pay the reminding cost either with a loan or Massena City Council could elect to use TIF to pay off the reminding costs with no increase in sewer bills for Massena residents or those rural connections. I think it’s ridiculous to incur a debt. Massena residents could benefit from having those windmills produce energy. The money Massena receives could be more than $800,000 each year. City Council members, it’s time to do something that will benefit all the residents. Use the TIF money to pay the cost of the sewer improvements, and leave our sewer bills and surcharges the same.