ATLANTIC – The Southwest Valley student anglers of Owen Wilkinson and Daniel Mattox of Corning scored the victory in the Powerade High School Series at the Danielson Inc. SAF SWIFT bass tournament at Lake of Three Fires on Sunday with their bag of five fish weighing 10.15 pounds.

Second was the team of Owen Hoover and Korben Brunt of Anita. Their five fish weighed in at 9.42 and rounding out the top three were Drey Newell of Atlantic and Braden Smith of Atlantic who brought five bass to the stage weighing 7.56.

Emmett of Panora and AJ Draper of Linden caught a 5-bag limit and won back to back tournaments in the Fairlife Yup Junior Series with their bag weighing 9.51 pounds. Second place went to Braxton Hass of Atlantic, IA., and Cody Swank, Harlan, IA hauled in 5 bass at 8.39 lbs.and rounding out the field in third place was the team of Grayson Malgaard and Owen Miller of Anita, IA their total was 5 bass 8.23 lbs.

A record nineteen teams battled 10 to 20 mph winds all day long on the 85 acre lake to find the biggest fish. Even with tuff conditions the student anglers persevered and every team put fish into the boat and seventeen teams hauled in an impressive 5 bass bag limit. At the end of the day at the official weigh-in 88 fish were brought to the stage totalling 115.82 pounds.

AJ Draper of Linden, IA also earned the AM Cohron & Sons Big Fish of the tournament with his bass weighing in at 4.41 pounds.

Here’s the Powerade High School Boat Series results from the McDermott & Son Roofing Company SAF SWIFT tournament at Lake Anita on Saturday:

1st: Owen Wilkinson , Corning, IA and Daniel Mattox, Corning, IA, 5 bass, 10.15- Boat Captain- Johnathon Locke

2nd: Korben Brunt, Anita, IA and Owen Hoover, Anita, IA, 5 bass, 9.42 lbs., Boat Captain- Randy Hoover

3rd: Drey Newell, Atlantic, IA and Braden Smith, Atlantic, IA, 5 bass, 7.56 lbs., Boat Captain- Brendon Atkinson

4th: Colton Rudy, Atlantic, IA and Colin Rudy, Atlantic, IA, 5 bass, 7.02 lbs., Boat Captain- Chuck Rudy

5th (tie): Vicente Butcher, Corning, IA., and Conner Britten, Red Oak, IA., 5 bass, 6.41 lbs., Boat Captain- Jim Robinson- Villisca

6th: Cooper Jipsen, Atlantic, IA and Braden Smith, Atlantic, IA, 5 bass, 6.38 lbs., Boat Captain- Dent Petty

7th: Joey Oathoudt, Corning, IA and Joaquin Wailes, Wiota, IA, 5 bass, 4.42- Boat Captain- Johnathon Locke

8th (tie): Mason McCready, Macedonia, IA and Caden Forristall, Carson, IA, 5 bass, 4.24 lbs., Boat Captain- Eric McCready

9th: Jake Oathoudt, Corning, IA and Dakota Breaud, Corning, IA, 1 bass, 1.20 lbs., Boat Captain- Chuck Elmquist

Fairlire Yup Junior Boat Series results from the McDermott & Son Roofing Company SAF SWIFT tournament at Lake Anita on Saturday.

1st: Emmett King, Panora, IA., and AJ Draper, Linden, IA., 5 bass, 9.51 lbs., Boat Captain-Jeremy King

2nd: Cody Swank, Harlan, IA and Braxton Hass, Atlantic, IA, 5 bass, 8.39 lbs., Boat Captain- Allen Porter

3rd: Grayson Molgaard, Atlantic, IA and Owen Miller, Atlantic, IA, 5 bass, 8.23 lbs., Boat Captain- Peter Molgaard

4th: Jake Wailes, Wiota, IA and Brentyn Hoover, Anita, IA,5 bass, 6.55 lbs. Boat Captain- Rob Clausen

5th: Hunter Quist, Atlantic, IA., and Adien Smith, Elliot, IA., 5 bass, 6.54 lbs., Boat Captain-Kyle Quist

6th: Colton Anderson, Atlantic, IA., and Grant Petty, Atlantict, IA., 5 bass, 5.86 lbs., Boat Captain- Kirt Knudsen

7th: Gavin Dougherty, Lewis, IA and Garrett Stetzel, Atlantic, IA, 5 bass, 4.91 lbs., Boat Captain- Koby Stetzel

8th: Brody Hughes, Red Oak, IA and Bently Hughes, Red Oak, IA, 5 bass, 4.23 lbs., -Boat Captain- Bill Hughes

9th: Hade DeVore, Atlantic, IA., and Holden DeVore, Atlantic, IA., 5 bass, 3.13 lbs., Boat Captain- Brad DeVore

10th: Letty McSorely, Carson, IA and Colton Krueger, Carson, IA, 2 bass, 1.67 lbs. Boat Captain- Adam Krueger

The next event for SWIFT will be Saturday, May 22, at Prairie Rose Lake. It will be the TBF/SAF Iowa Jr & High School Fishing State Championships.

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