Griswold Tigers Special Olympics Athletes Compete At Bowling Competition

(photo courtesy of Jackie Carnes)

Several members of the Griswold Tigers Special Olympics Team, including these two, competed in a bowling competition recently.

Six qualifying Griswold Tigers Special Olympics athletes competed recently in the South Central State Bowling competition at Thunderbowl in Council Bluffs

Cole Agnew (Atlantic) and Brandon Baier (Atlantic) started the day out with their doubles competition and receiving gold medals. They were followed by Nick Dankert (Atlantic), PJ Wegner (Atlantic), Cory Offerman (Atlantic), and Tami Schulz (Atlantic) in the singles division. Nick brought home a fourth place ribbon, PJ brought home a gold medal, Cory brought home a silver, and Tami brought home a gold medal.

“It was a great day for everyone who participated,” according to team staff. “All athletes had a good time and showed great sportsmanship and skills. Now on to basketball.”