Austin Heinen

Those Iowa State Cyclones will be the death of me.

Short story for you all. I was also going to donate blood on Saturday and while I sat and waited, I was listening to the the UNI and ISU game. I must admit, I am a die-hard Cyclone fan, along with the Packers, so I was quite nervous throughout the fourth quarter and on.

The fourth quarter was just wrapping up as I walked into the center. So, I mostly listened to overtime while there, hearing the great John Walters call the game.

Obviously, hearing how much the young Panther QB was scrambling around was nerve wracking, especially on huge moments such as third and goal in overtime or fourth and goal in overtime.

My heart was being tested for sure.

Fast forwarding to the fumble... oh man... oh man. Thank the Lord almighty Brock Purdy pulled a Superman move and flew to that loose ball to save the game, or my heart would probably stopped entirely.

Then, of course, on the very next play Sheldon Croney powered the ball in for the game winning score in triple overtime. Literally about a minute after all of that happened I got called in for the check up. My heart rate however was still quite fast, thus I was not cleared to donate.

I will not say what my rate was, but the check up person, who looked to be about my age, asked what I was doing to make my heart race like so. The conversation went as is and by quote...

I said, “Well I was listening to the Iowa State and UNI game and it was a really close game.”

The screener stopped me there and replied “Ah, gottcha. I was listening to it too, and I think I about had a heart attack on when Croney fumbled the ball.”

In conclusion, I learned that I was not the only one stressed as I listened to Saturday’s stressful, but entertaining game. Second, though, Iowa State still has lots of potential, there’s still a lot of work for Coach Campbell and company to do. Third, listening to the Cyclone game before donating blood in hindsight, was a bad decision.

The Cardiac Clones strike again.

Final thing — people can say what they want about Brock Purdy, but he was not the reason why that game was so close. It should not even be a consideration. The offensive line, and I dare to say play calling on the other hand, was unsatisfactory and needs adjustments or Iowa State can forget about knocking off Iowa next weekend (Sept. 14.).

Let alone competing for a spot in the Big 12 title game.

All I can say from here on is learn from this close call, then burn the tape, and now get ready for that school in the east.

On a less heart racing note, I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day. I spent mine in Neola as Hoo Doo Days returned to the area. If you have never been to a Hoo Doo Days, do yourself a favor and change that next year.

From the parade on Labor Day, to the live music, to the street dances, and the overall fellowship is truly awesome! Perhaps for myself, it’s especially fun to go there and see some former high school classmates that I haven’t seen in years.

Always happy to find they are doing well, and see long time familiar faces.

With that said, hope you enjoyed the Labor Day weekend, and have a great weekend this weekend.