To be honest, I was going to talk about the whole assault shenanigans with the Iowa band, until the Des Moines Register posted an outrageous story on Iowa’s newest big name, Carson King.

I mean, where in the holy kingdom should I really even start?

To those of you who perhaps do not know, Carson King is an Iowa State student who was one of hundreds, if not thousands, who made a sign for when College Gameday came to Ames.

His sign read “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished — Venmo-Carson-King-25.”

What I’m sure just started as a fun deal turned into something much bigger. Within 30 minutes King had $400, thanks to that sign, by the end of the day, he made over $1,600. It was then that King said he will donate all the money to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Yes, that one right by Kinnick Stadium.

Needless to say, this sign made Carson a big name here in Iowa in no time, and Busch Light even honored Carson by putting his face on Busch Light cans, and said whatever King donates to the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital, they will match it.

So there’s the story, now here’s the conflict.

Tuesday night, The Des Moines Register released a story on Carson King. When you read it at first, it is a good, well written story.

Once you’re reach the end however, it takes a very uncalled for turn.

Trending reporter Aaron Calvin, took a “routine background check” on King and found tweets that included racial jokes originating from the show Tosh.O that date back eight years ago.

Now, before I go further, boys and girls of all ages: This right here... THIS is why you HAVE TO be very, very careful with what you post on ANY social media.

Now buckle up folks, here’s my thing about this whole mess.


Why would the Des Moines Register feel the need to go back eight years on a young man’s Twitter for a story about a beer money sign that is now making money for one of the best children’s hospitals in the nation?

How is it relevant, at all, about his sign, the cause and anything he has done? Why do you need to do that?

Like I said, this is why you have to be careful with what you say, but there’s a point where it’s just not acceptable to even dig for this stuff. There’s a point where you’re just trying to dig up dirt on someone.

There’s a point where you’re trying to ruin someone.

There was zero — a mathematical and scientific absolute zero — reason to try and dig up dirt on this guy, yet The Register did it anyway.

What the heck, DM Register? What in the actual heck?

Furthermore, the man who wrote the story and dug up the old tweet said way worse, and I mean WAY worse than anything King said. People took the liberty of digging up old tweets from the DM Register’s Aaron Calvin which involve Calvin posting tweets with the derogatory “n” word.

Not to mention calling things a certain derogatory word aimed at people of certain sexual orientations.

Hey, DM Register, if you’re going to dig up dirt on a guy from eight years ago, who’s raising over a million dollars for sick children, you might want to cover your own backside first.

Calvin’s tweets are reportedly being investigated by the DM Register.

However, if they look at the screen shots that many, many people took of the old Tweets before Calvin deleted them and made his account private, it should not take long.

Calvin is hardly the only issue here. In a statement released by the Register’s executive editor, Carol Hunter, she said the question came to the editors, if this was something worth including or not.

Their reason for including it, by quote, was “Eventually the Register editors decided we would include the information, but at the end of the story. We thought we should be transparent about what we had found, but not highlight it at the top of the story or as a separate story.”

Transparent? What does a tweet from King at age 16, nearly a decade ago, have to deal with what he is doing today?

If King was applying to work at the Register then fine, do a check on him and keep it to yourself. But this was about a beer sign that turned into a huge fund for a children’s hospital.

Digging up these tweets are uncalled for, unprofessional, and frankly, it’s borderline sabotage.

The fact that Hunter wants to claim a victim’s status in this situation is also just down right distasteful and disgracing. I mean that last paragraph of her statement: “Reasonable people can look at the same set of facts and disagree on what merits publication. But rest assured, such decisions are not made lightly and rooted in what we perceive as the public good.”

Public good?

You agreed to put an irrelevant bit of information into an otherwise heartwarming story, and for what? To show that people do stupid things when they are teenagers?

La-dee-da. In other news, water is wet.

There are just some really low quality people in this world we live in. This story and decision by The Register exposed some of those people last night.

The fact that Busch Light also dropped their association with Carson is also just laughable at best.

Hey Anheuser-Busch, do we need to talk about that Black and Tan sign with African-American children by Confederate flags? Yeah, your slate is far from clean, too, Anheuser-Busch.

I can promise you all this much. I will never intentionally try to dig up anything on anyone with a reason like the DM Register has given. Frankly, whatever someone posted, seven, eight or how ever many years ago, I could not give a rat’s less.

Did you learn from it? Do you admit it was stupid? Are going to say anything like that again?

Yes, Yes, No. Good, life continues.

Carol Hunter needs to take a good, long moment to reflect on herself, as does everyone who made the choice that digging up these tweets was necessary, let alone to publicize them.

But if tweets are so important to them, Calvin should be fired for his previous comments. If these are the rules you have, then you have to play by them too.

Hunter needs to ask herself lots of questions after this, as do any of the editors who played a hand in this outrage.

The job of the press is to deliver the truth, but when something like this happens, is it just the truth, or is it just harassment?

Have a good weekend everyone.

Rant over.