EXIRA –Members of the Exira Community Club want to bring a program to Exira that would provide fresh fruit and vegetables to residents in the area.

According to Abby Rasmussen, Exira Community Club Board President, another board member, Katie Wheeler, had been participating in the Bountiful Baskets program in Walnut, and she discussed creating a Bountiful Baskets program in Exira. That lead to club members to schedule a meeting with organizers of the Walnut program to learn more about it.

“We are planning on going to Walnut on Saturday to met with the volunteer organizer over there,” Rasmussen said on Wednesday.

Rasmussen said the program involves residents signing up to be a member, paying a fee to receive fruits and vegetables, and then coming to a designated spot every two weeks to pick up a box of them. Volunteers then help unload the boxes and distribute them to residents. Bountiful Baskets was created by two women, and the program is offered in several different states around the country.

Those who may be interested in participating should log onto www.bountifulbaskets.org to create a free account. This shows the program’s organizers how many people may be interested in participating.

Rasmussen said members will know more after the meeting on Saturday, but thought the idea was appealing because it is a way to get more fruits and vegetables into the hands of people.

“(Our thought was) Why don’t we bring the produce to Exira?” Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen said club members are hopeful they will be able to get the program up and running in Exira.

“We are still gathering info, (but) we are committed to doing this,” she said. “We hope people will stayed tune for more details.”