The room

By Austin Heinen/AJ Sports Reporter

The Spartans have done various lifts and conditioning workouts throughout the summer to prepare for the upcoming activity year.

EXIRA - With the summer coming to a close fall sports draw closer, and those who put in extra work during summer will soon see their rewards.

Other than summer sports nothing otherwise keeps you quite in shape like summer workouts do.

With over two dozen students participating throughout the summer, the Spartans echo that mantra, and as their new motto says, they do it as one.

“A lot of the summer is about about just getting bigger, faster, and stronger,” Senior Cade Burns said. “Coach (Doug) Newton really helps out with our agility the coaches push us to work hard. We all get together sometimes for some team runs and that helps out too.”

For some, the workouts haven’t been just in the weight room. Senior Jacob Rattonborg, who also participates in 4-H, uses some livestock in workouts and conditioning.

“I also am in 4-H and work with animals,” Rattonborg said. “I sometimes have them pulling against me a little bit so I can work on my strength with them and myself. I also like to go on runs with the animals too, we’ll run up and down the roads and go for a mile at least it gets them exercise and helps me out as well.”

Coming into the next football season as the defending district champions, the Spartan football athletes know especially that the target is already on their backs, that has served as extra motivation though as this team knows the grind they have put in through the summer is what got them where they are now.

“We’ve been working our butts off throughout the winter and summer,” Rattonborg said. “We go all year long and have just been doing our best and working our hardest to get things done so we can get ready for this upcoming football season.”

With the fall sports now just weeks away from game action, the seniors are beginning to fully embrace their leadership roles and though perhaps the feeling is still settling in for some, they still push for the best out of each like/

“Being a senior is different for sure,,” Burns said. “You’re used to looking up to those older guys, but now we’re the oldest guys this year. Our younger classmen, it’s different guys every year so you never know what is coming at you, but I feel like this year is going to be a lot of fun. It gets me and the rest of us really excited.”

Exira-EHK’s group began football camp this past Tuesday and will begin practices next week.

The Spartans first game will be at Fremont-Mills on Aug. 30.