Basketball season is here! Well for high school it is now. NCAA and NBA basketball have been going on now for at least a couple weeks now.

Can you believe the next paper will be released in December now? I haven’t eve been asking loved ones for their gift wishes yet. Probably time to fix that.

Nonetheless I will be knocking out some Christmas shopping on the infamous Black Friday, hopefully without knocking out anyone in the process. On Black Friday, I think some people could consider that an accomplishment with all those crazy crowds it could been done unintentionally.

Last year while knocking out some Black Friday shopping in the Council Bluffs and Omaha area and people were arguing over a Nintendo Switch. No fists or whatever were thrown, fortunately, just a lot of words that were not PG rated.

I hope to never be in the middle of some of the madness that can take place on this crazy shopping day, but if choice words are the worst thing I ever hear on Black Friday, then I’m on the boring end of the spectrum.

Speaking of holiday things, Frozen 2 was released this weekend. The girlfriend and I went to watch it in IMAX since all most of the other shows were sold out. Though I’m nowhere near as big into this movie or its prequel, we are big into Disney so with it being a very popular film within Disney’s franchise now we had to go see it.

As expected, Frozen was quite the blockbuster this weekend as it has collected $350 million worldwide. Which is a record for an animated movie. Keep in mind that $250 million is for just movie tickets. That does not include merchandise of any sort, just the tickets all by their lonesome.

Disney as of Nov 25 has five movies that have reached over $1 billion, they could very much be on the way to their sixth movie reaching that mark.

I wonder what song from this movie all the kids are going to overplay this time. Probably “ Into the Unknown” which, let it be known, that is a Panic at the Disco song. The song was stuck inside my head for the rest of that evening after watching the movie.

Even now it plays in my head at times. What have I done to myself?

Now that Thanksgiving is past, I have joined the crowds of listening to Christmas music. I like Christmas music not just because it’s a way to be excited for the holidays that are on the way, but something about it just sends off good vibes, makes you feel good.

From the Grinch song, to the Peanuts theme, to Michael Buble, to Frank Sinatra, or whatever your into they all just given you a warm feeling.

Again, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you all have a great weekend as well.