By Austin Heinen/AJ Sports Reporter

The Audubon Recreation Center is a perfect place to get in some daily exercise or fill in a fitness based New Year’s resolution.

AUDUBON - One of the top New Year’s resolutions, time and time again, has been something to do with health and fitness.

The Audubon Recreation Center is here to help those of you who may have a resolution along this line.

After just celebrating their one-year anniversary of business, the ARC has some fitness offerings coming up for the year of 2020 to serve the Audubon County public and beyond.

“We’re looking at this year of 2020 to be our year more of an exercise piece as a forefront for us,” ARC’s Daniel Bierbrodt said. “We’ve really put a lot into the bowling alley, the bar, the restaurant, and now we’re really going to look at the exercise part this year.”

Nearly 50 percent of people’s New Year’s resolutions deal with health and fitness. Bierbrodt talks about why fitness and recreational activity is a good resolution to take on.

“To me, it’s a great thing to take exercise as a necessity,” Bierbrodt said. “I have some background in exercise science and such, so I’m a firm believer that the more exercise we can get, the better off you’ll be with health, like the body working well, and all the muscles and joints strong, and most importantly keeping that heart healthy.”

For those who are looking for an activity in the near future, the ARC will be offering a tai chi class, which is a martial art of defense training and includes health benefits such as balance, and strength for muscles and ligaments.

“We’re going to start an eight-week tai chi class later this month,” Bierbrodt said. “Tai chi involves a lot of slow and smooth movements that really help joints and stuff like that. It’s kind of in the same ball park as yoga, and we’ll have an instructor come over here for that and sign-ups will be open really soon.”

Tai chi isn’t the only thing going here though, the ARC looks to continue their programs of old, while they add some new activities throughout the year.

“We also plan to continue our pickle ball on Thursdays,” Bierbrodt said. “For that, members come in and play for free and non-members are welcome as well and are charged just a dollar to play. We have folks that come in regularly for that in and outside of town here for that. We also plan to set up a line dancing class again soon, as we look to find an instructor for that as well as some other things that we’re looking into. We’re definitely going to look to keep pulling in these activities to offer to the area.”

Plenty of other events will also be offered at the ARC as time goes along. With the walking track, half-court basketball area, and a bowling alley, folks of all ages are sure to find something that’s guaranteed to get you good exercise, and for parents, there’s plenty for the kids to do to be busy with while you get your workout.

“Lots of kids love the bowling alley and our half-court basketball court,” Bierbrodt said. “Of course we have the batting cage as well, along with an arcade, and members can have access to it at just about anytime they’d like. We have the space for multiple sizes of groups here, so we always encourage the folks to bring the kids, there’s plenty for them to do here.”

“We also — on Wednesday morning — specifically have a mom group. Here the moms can bring in their kids that are under 5 and we have a kids soft play area that is open to them, where they can run through the halls and the walking track, and (there are) just plenty of ways for the kids to be active. It’s a great way for the moms to just relax and talk with the other moms and the community here and just hangout.”

For details on the tai chi class and for detail of what’s all to come, people can call the ARC at 712-588-1128.